Üç Silahşörler Film Müzikleri

Paul W.S. Anderson tarafından yönetilen yeni aksiyon filmi Üç Silahşörler’in film müzikleri listesi elimizde:

Üç Silahşörler Orijinal Motion Picture Film Müzikleri
Müzik: Paul Haslinger.

1. Only Four Men
2. Special Delivery For The King
3. Buckingham´s Departure
4. All For One
5. Do You Know Who I Am?
6. As Far Away As Possible
7. The King And Queen
8. Announcing Lady De Winter
9. Concealed Weapons Tango
10. Get Me One Of Those!
11. The Venice Heist
12. She Died The Way She Lived
13. I Hate Air Travel
14. Rochefort Ante Portas
15. Open Fire!
16. A Chance To Escape
17. Round Two
18. If You Insist!
19. You Should Have Apologized To My Horse!
00. Boys Will Be Boys
21. The World Calls To The Young
22. To France, Of Course
23. When We Were Young – Take That
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Üç Silahşörler – “When We Were Young” – Take That

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