The Grey Film M├╝zikleri

Joe Carnahan taraf─▒ndan y├Ânetilen, Liam Neeson ba┼čroll├╝ yeni macera gerilim filmi The Grey’in film m├╝zikleri listesine bir g├Âz atal─▒m:

The Grey Orijinal Motion Picture Film M├╝zikleri
M├╝zik: Marc Streitenfeld

1. Writing the Letter
2. Suicide
3. You Are Gonna Die
4. Walking
5. Eyes Glowing
6. The Morning After
7. Collecting Wallets
8. Wife Memory
9. Life and Death
10. Lagging Behind
11. Running from Wolves
12. Daughter Appears
13. Last Walk
14. Memorial
15. Alpha
16. Into the Fray
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The Grey film m├╝zikleri 24 Ocak 2012 tarihinde sat─▒┼ča sunulacak.