Anna Karenina Film M├╝zikleri

─░┼čte Joe Wright taraf─▒ndan y├Ânetilen, Keira Knightley, Jude Law ve Aaron Johnson ba┼čroll├╝ yeni romantik drama filmi Anna Karenina’n─▒n film m├╝zikleri listesi:

Anna Karenina Orijinal Motion Picture Film M├╝zikleri
M├╝zik: Dario Marianelli.

1. Overture
2. Clerks
3. She Is Of The Heavens
4. Anna Marches Into A Waltz
5. Beyond The Stage
6. KittyÔÇÖs Debut
7. Dance With Me
8. The Girl And The Birch
9. Unavoidable
10. Can-Can
11. I DonÔÇÖt Want You to Go
12. Time For Bed
13. Too Late
14. Someone Is Watching
15. Lost In A Maze
16. Leaving Home, Coming Home
17. MashaÔÇÖs Song
18. A Birthday Present
19. At The Opera
20. I Know How To Make You Sleep
21. AnnaÔÇÖs Last Train
22. I Understood Something
23. Curtain
24. Seriously
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Tolstoy roman─▒ndan uyarlanan filmin m├╝ziklerini onaylar m─▒yd─▒? Her neyse Anna Karenina film m├╝zikleri 10 Eyl├╝l 2012’de sat─▒┼ča sunulacak.